The following are articles written by Dr. Naseef/Dr. Ariel.  Click on the link to read the articles in a new window of your browser.

The diagnosis of a child with a disability is often the harbinger of psychological and spiritual crisis for parents as well as an opportunity for growth. This essay looks at the grief and the transformation from the viewpoint of a father of a child with autism and mental retardation. The writer, who is also a psychologist, explores the agonizing decision to seek a residential placement which is currently unpopular but sometimes necessary. 

Dr. Naseef talks about the experience of being a father and a single parent with a child with autism. 

Dr. Naseef discusses his experiences accepting his son's diagnosis of autism and his journey into acceptance.  Click Here to download this article in spanish. 

This article explores aspects of autism that make it a potential traumatic stressor for family members, and may put them at risk for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or its subsyndromal variants. It also surveys current trends in autism, including the growing number of families affected by autism. Because PTSD and its subsyndromes can benefit from prevention or at least bolstering the resources of the person and their social support system, this article will then focus on relevant technology trends being used to mediate or ameliorate aspects of living with autism. This technology includes telehealth, distance education, information technology, video-conferencing, and computer software. 

Dr. Naseef and Dr. Ariel write about the importance of seeking self-care through respite services.  This article tackles the difficult issues of self-guilt and frustration and focus on helping parents and caregivers to allow themselves time so they can be rejuvinated and best able to support those in their care. 

This article focuses on the impact that raising a child with special needs can have on a marriage or partnership.  Dr. Ariel and Dr. Naseef provide tips and suggestions to help couples during this difficult time.