Being Present: Improving Family Interactions by Robert Naseef, Ph.D

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As we take a break for the Fourth of July in the United States, we are reminded that autism and other special needs never take a holiday. How can we enjoy life and improve our family interactions while dealing with the daily stresses that go hand-in-hand with raising children who have challenges?

When I ask parents what they are learning from their children with autism or other special needs, the most frequent answers I get are patience and being present. What do these parents mean? How do they work through their frustrations and build a satisfying relationship? It's not easy but many families are becoming stronger and more connected than one might imagine.

This Sunday, July 7 at 9 PM Eastern, I will be hosting a Fathers’ Roundtable through a Google hangout at  to discuss how fathers are handling these challenges in their families. Mark your calendars, and if that time is not convenient you will be able to watch a recording of our conversation on YouTube.  Our June conversation can be viewed at